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Taiwan.com.au Portal: Our Chinese ePublishing


Via our brand new Chinese ebook store, eBook Dynasty, we welcome all English authors who are interested in promoting their books as Chinese ebooks.

Our long-term goal is to help the best literary voices reach across all linguistic and cultural boundaries.


Our Chinese eBook Formats

We are currently developing a Chinese ebook format that reaches across all platforms, from Apple's iPad, Android-based tablets and Windows Phone 7, to general PCs running on Windows or Mac operational systems. Prior to the official launch of this product, all our Chinese ebooks are published in encrypted PDF and the industry standard ePub formats.



Our Promotion Style

Each Chinese ebook published and promoted by us has its own web page, and is professionally promoted through the display of the following features:

  • "Category" details the Chinese ebook's category and sub-category.
  • "Basic Details" present the Chinese ebook's cover image, title, author (and/or illustrator and/or translator), publisher, publishing date, language, available formats, and price in Chinese, Taiwanese and US dollars (for our Simplified Chinese site, Traditional Chinese Site and English Site, respectively).
  • "Add to Cart" button, which is a service provided by PayPal.
  • "Introduction" details the literary achievements of the Chinese ebook and its author.
  • "Reader Evaluation" lists all the reviews about the Chinese ebook that have been provided by interested readers.
  • "Sample Reading" provides all readers with a chance to appreciate the Chinese ebook's content and style.
  • "Further Reading" links to the other Chinese ebooks by the same author.



Our Professional Publishing

If you are interested in promoting your book with us, please Contact Us and let us know about it. We will respond within 24 hours and send you a draft contract for your approval. We will then invite you to send us a copy of your book for review.

Having the contract approved and signed by you, we can now commence the process of translating and publishing your book as a Chinese ebook. This involves three steps. The first step is to collect and integrate data on the literary achievements of you and your book. Please feel free to let us know your academic and/or professional background, work experience, awards, goals, etc, as well as which section of your book should be selected for sample reading.

The second step is to translate and publish your book as encrypted PDF and ePub files, and to produce an individual book page for your Chinese ebook. We will introduce you as the author, detail the features of your Chinese ebook, provide a sample reading, and list all the reviews we have received about your book. If you have other Chinese ebooks, we will be happy to promote them as well.

Throughout the aforementioned process, our representative will be in constant contact with you to update on the translation, editing and publishing of your book as a Chinese ebook.



How to Publish with Us

The third and final step is to select a price for your Chinese ebook. In order to encourage the purchase and reading of Chinese ebooks, the price of each Chinese ebook published and promoted by us will be no more than 50 percent (50%) of its original paperback price. For example, if the price of a paperback book is US$7.99, then the price of its Chinese ebook will be no more than US$3.50. Should there be no paperback, then we will consult you before setting an appropriate price.

In order to encourage the translation and publishing of all English-language books as Chinese ebooks, for each copy of your Chinese ebook sold by us, the author will receive 80 percent (80%) of the net proceeds as royalty payment. In the beginning of January, April, July and October each year, we will send you a financial report that details how many sales your Chinese ebook has made throughout the previous quarter. Your royalty payment for that quarter will be transferred to your PayPal account. (For information on how to register and use PayPal, please see its website.)

Please note that the more copies of your Chinese ebook are sold, the more royalty payment you will receive. More importantly, all subsidiary rights to your book will still remain with you. This means you are free to promote your Chinese ebook elsewhere, and we only request that you keep the price of your Chinese ebook the same as that agreed in our contract, whose term is usually five years. Meanwhile, once your Chinese ebook is launched by us, all you need to do is to receive your royalty payment and financial report in the end of each quarter.

Please also note that for the publishing and promotion of your Chinese ebook in Traditional Chinese -- for readers in Taiwan and all overseas Chinese communities that use Traditional Chinese -- we charge a fee of US$349.00. However, for an extra US$50.00, i.e. US$399.00 in total, we can publish and promote your Chinese ebook in Simplified Chinese as well, which covers readers in China, Hong Kong, Macau and all overseas Chinese communities that use Simplified Chinese.

For children's illustrated books, we charge US$149.00 for the publishing and promotion in Traditional Chinese, and US$199.00 for that in both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Finally, please note that the aforementioned fee can be paid in installments, but the payment should be completed prior to the launch of your Chinese ebook. There will be no other charges involved for the whole publishing and promotion project.



Our Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

As you decide to publish with us and have your book promoted as a Chinese ebook, all subsidiary rights will still remain with you.

Until our official launch of a Chinese ebook format that reaches across all platforms, all Chinese ebooks published and promoted by us are in encrypted PDF and the industry standard ePub formats. A limited number of digital rights management (DRM) mechanism are applied to the files to prevent them from being modified or duplicated.

Having paid for a copy of a Chinese ebook, the reader has three days to download it. After that, should the reader wish to download again due to damage or loss of the PDF or ePub file, an administration fee of US$0.50 will be charged. This fee will go directly to the author as his or her royalty payment.

Having purchased and downloaded the Chinese ebook, the reader can either read it using relevant software or print it out as a low-resolution book for personal use. As mentioned before, the use of a limited number of DRM will help prevent the Chinese ebook from being modified or duplicated. Each Chinese ebook is further designed specifically for the reader who has paid for it, so that any attempt to reproduce and sell it for profit will be rebuked.


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