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English/Chinese Translation

We specialize in English/Chinese and Chinese/English translation, on documents of all formats and in all disciplines. Our clients are from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Austria, Taiwan, China, and other nations and regions around the world. Please click to see our Portfolio.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in employing our translation services, be it from English to Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified), or from Chinese to English. We also proofread and edit.


Chinese ePublishing


Via our Chinese ebook store, eBook Dynasty, we provide an integrated and professional stage on which your English book can have a Chinese voice. We help all authors -- established and emerging -- publish their books in electronic format in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

For any published work, the price of your Chinese e-book will be no more than 50 percent (50%) of that of its English paperback counterpart. If there is no paperback, then the price of the Chinese ebook will be the same of that of its English electronic counterpart.

More importantly, for any Chinese ebook sold by our Chinese ebook store, 80 percent (80%) of the net proceeds will go directly to you as royalty payment. All rights to your book will also remain with you.

To publish your English book as an ebook in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese, we charge a fee of US$399. We promote your Chinese ebook across the Greater China, including China, Taiwan Hong Kong, Macau and all overseas Chinese communities.

For children's illustrated books, we charge US$199.

Please note that the aforementioned fee can be paid in installments, but the payment should be completed prior to the launch of your Chinese ebook here at eBook Dynasty. There will be no other charges involved for the whole publishing and promotion project.

We are currently developing our SODA Chinese ebook format that is able to reach across all platforms, from Apple's iPad, Android-based tablets and the WIndows Phone 7 to general PCs running on Windows or Mac operational systems. Prior to the official launch of this product, all our Chinese ebooks are published as encrypted PDF filesformats.

Please click to see more details about our Chinese ePublishing.

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